Photo Processing vs. Photo Finishing

We often get asked this question… what is the difference between photo processing and photo finishing?

Is there a difference? Are they the same thing?

I suppose as with most questions the answer is typically “it depends”. That said, if you think about the differentiating words here – processing vs. finishing – the former certainly indicates that you are more “in the process” whereas the latter indicates you are towards the end of the process.

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Professional Photo Processing Labs

A great deal has changed in recent years with regard to photography and the advancements in digital photo technology (timeline). Hobbyists and regular consumers are able to take better photos than ever before, and store, enhance and manage them digitally.

The same is true for professional photographers. Indeed, many professional photographers now shoot exclusively with digital cameras, edit the photos with professional photo editing software, and then send their film (files) to professional photo processing labs to be printed and finished for delivery to their clients.

While photo printers for home users have come a long way in recent years, they still offer no comparison to professional-grade photo processing and printing equipment – which has also improved light years in the past decade. High-end photographers will tend to choose a high-quality professional photo lab like nations for processing and finishing, to ensure their clients get the best quality product. When it is for a special event like a wedding, or important photo shoot for an upcoming advertising campaign, pro-quality processing makes a huge difference!

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